[Gluster-users] Minutes of Gluster Community Meeting [28th April 2020]

Sunny Kumar sunkumar at redhat.com
Thu Apr 30 14:39:24 UTC 2020


Name (#gluster-dev alias) - company
Sunil - Red Hat
Ashit - SODA Foundation (https://sodafoundation.io)
Hari - (hgowtham) Red Hat
Rinku - (rkothiya) - Re Hat
Nikhil - Red Hat
Sheetal Pamecha (spamecha) - Red Hat
Aravinda (aravindavk) - Kadalu.IO <http://kadalu.io/>
Ravi (itisravi)- Red Hat
sankarshan (sankarshan) - Kadalu.IO <http://kadalu.io/>
Deepshikha(dkhandel) - Red Hat
Amar Tumballi - Kadalu.IO <http://kadalu.io/>
Sunny(sunnyk) - Red Hat
<https://hackmd.io/RztFHM0vR7iQZxTYFiA5Qg?view#User-stories>User stories

   - Project metrics:

Coverity <https://scan.coverity.com/projects/gluster-glusterfs> 61
Clang Scan <https://build.gluster.org/job/clang-scan/lastBuild/> 58
Test coverage
New Issues in last 14 days

Gluster User Queries in last 14 days
Total Github issues <https://github.com/gluster/glusterfs/issues> 752

[Sunny]Take some time and triage the bugs. we might be able to reduce
around 100(expected)
[Sankarshan]What are the type of questions asked in the mailing list
Are the questions from slack / irc being turned into bugs if we are not
able to fix it?

   - Any release updates?

Rinku proposed to use labels to know that an issue is used for various
branches as well
[Patch by Hari]
Template for tracker :
(needs review)
If something is of a high priority move ahead and merge the changes. we
need not wait for the usual procedure to be followed.

[Deepshikha]Fixed the permission issues to assign labels.
Checked a smoke run on github. works fine for now.
Need volunteers for migrating build jobs repo.(Deepshikha will take care)
Need a proper config for github. (who will be the maintainers and stuff
need to be decided)
[Amar] use the maintainers list to figure out who can be made maintainers
for github.
[Deepshikha] need a final call on this to move ahead. Looking into mergify.
[Sunny] send out a mail with the doubts and we can clarify
[Deepshikha] will send out a mail.

Need review for Release notes of Release-8 :
[Amar] a patch on master to mark the release is pending.


   Blocker issues across the project?
   - [Sunny] Frequent Geo rep failure(spurious). issue not reproducible
      locally or on softserve.
      - [Deepshikha] looked at the pattern. Have tried to disconnect the
      builders and now it looks stable. Issue might be with the AWS
builder need
      help to figure it out.
      - [Sunny]Smoke failure: no space available.
      - [Deepshikha] Misc is looking into it.

   Notable thread form mailing list
   [Ravi can give more insight into this]
   [Ravi] spurious split brain issue. Gave him a patch and looks like it
   fixed it but it resulted in a crash for which we are expecting a separate
   [Sankarshan] Is the work being done by Barak being tracked using a
   issue? (making rebalance more efficient)
   [Ravi] https://github.com/gluster/glusterfs/issues/1138

/ Meetups

COVID-19 impact is likely for events!

   - Storage Developer Conference

Important dates:
CFP Closed : No (May 15, 2020)
Schedule Announcement :
Event Open for Registration : Yes (early bird registeration till 8/24/2020)
Last Date of Registration :
Event dates: September 21-24, 2020
Venue: Santa Clara, CA

Talks related to gluster:

   - Devconf.us <http://devconf.us/>

Important dates:
CFP Closed : 27th April
Schedule Announcement : July 3, 2020
Event Open for Registration : July 3 2020
Last Date of Registration :
Event dates: September 23rd to 25th 2020
Venue:Framingham, MA.

   - https://sambaxp.org/

Important dates:
CFP Closed : Closed
Event Open for Registration : Open
Event dates: 26th - 28th of May 2020
Venue: Online

Talks related to gluster:

   - RH Sunmmit is starts today (Virtual)
      - https://www.redhat.com/en/summit

- v8.0 and beyond

[Sunny] will ask Rafi to send a mail upstream regarding the ls -l
improvements in gluster

   - Any design specs to discuss?
   Any effort done in the perf side of gluster? gluster vs other storage?
   any design change


   - Arbiter - Nil
   - AFR - Nil
   - DHT - Nil
   - EC - Nil
   - DOC - Nil
   - Geo Replication - few patches upstream: 1) on a selinux enforced
   machine saw a permission issue with rsync
   - Glusterd - Nil
   - thin-arbiter - Nil
   - Snapshot - One patch regarding python3 issue with snap scheduler.

Talk Gluster

Blog posts / Document updates

   - https://www.gluster.org/update-from-the-team/

Friday Five

   - Every friday we release this, which basically covers highlight of week
   in gluster. Also, you can find more videos in youtube link.
   [Sheetal] started with it. If anyone wants to talk about the issue they
   are doing, they can sync up and do it for a component. WFH is hurting the
   [Sunny] mailing about participation would be good.


if no one is ready Hari will take it up.

   - Who will host next meeting?
      - Host will need to send out the agenda 24hr - 12hrs in advance to
      mailing list, and also make sure to send the meeting minutes.
      - Host will need to reach out to one user at least who can talk about
      their usecase, their experience, and their needs.
      - Host needs to send meeting minutes as PR to
      - Host has to send the meeting minutes as a mail to the gluster-devel
      and gluster-users list.


   - Who will take notes from the next meeting?


   - [Amar] Should we include ‘stale[bot]’ to close old issues
      - Will send a patch, have a look.
      - https://review.gluster.org/24386
   - [Deepshikha] Gerrit upgrade is postponed to next week because of an
   issue we came across. It’s the new IU. not the latest one.
   - [Ashit]: From SODA foundation. will get to know the community and
   contribute. Its a Data management platform. use case: host based
   replication. Will start with installing and trying out the use cases.

[Hari] EOL for release-6? Release 8 is about to be shipped and post that
there will be one more release in 6 series.
[Sunny] send a mail out about release. Clarify about it to the users about
what will be available and what will not be available or what will take
time and so on.
[Aravinda] can we automate the build issue to avoid the delay.
[Hari] Ubuntu uses launch pad to build it automatically. Fedora and Centos
are taken care by Niels and Kaleb. For Debian, the effort on this part to
automate it on Jenkins is being done. The patch it out and being reviewed.
Reviews welcome.
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