[Gluster-users] never ending logging

Nikhil Ladha nladha at redhat.com
Mon Apr 27 11:34:47 UTC 2020


As you mentioned that the node 2 is in "semi-connected" state, I think due
to that the locking of volume is failing, and since it is failing in one of
the volumes the transaction is not complete and you are seeing a
transaction error on another volume.
Moreover, for the repeated logging of lines :
SSL support on the I/O path is enabled, SSL support for glusterd is enabled
and using certificate depth 1
If you can try creating a volume without having ssl enabled and then check
if the same log messages appear.
Also, if you update to 7.5, and find any change in log message with SSL
ENABLED, then please do share that.

Nikhil Ladha
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