[Gluster-users] Disappearing files on gluster mount

Nithya Balachandran nbalacha at redhat.com
Fri Sep 20 03:14:39 UTC 2019

Hi Pat,

Do you still see the problem of missing files? If yes please provide the
following :

1. gluster volume info
2. ls -l of the directory containing the missing files from the mount point
and from the individual bricks.


On Thu, 29 Aug 2019 at 18:57, Pat Riehecky <riehecky at fnal.gov> wrote:

> I moved my wife's photo archive to a mirrored gluster volume. Lately,
> she's noticed that a number of files are missing.  I'm pretty sure they
> are still in the .glusterfs dir as no one deleted them, but they simply
> don't display....
> Any ideas how to get the files to reappear?
> Glusterfs 3.14
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