[Gluster-users] determine filename from shard?

wkmail wkmail at bneit.com
Mon Oct 14 02:37:20 UTC 2019

We recently were trying to track down a high load situation on a KVM 
node in a cluster running gluster (replication2 + arb).

Iotop on the affected node showed that gluster was involved showing 
abnormally heavy writes. There wasn't any obvious activity on the 
network coming into the VMs, so it was something internal to one of 
them, so we had to keep looking

We then used gluster volume top which showed that a couple of shards 
were being pounded but we didn't see a way to immediately associate 
those shards with their VM file.

We eventually figured out the problem VM using other methods and 
resolved the issue, but we would still like to know if there is a script 
or recipe to determine what file a shard may belong to as that would 
have sped up the resolution.


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