[Gluster-users] Reg Performance issue in GlusterFS

Soumya Koduri skoduri at redhat.com
Sun Oct 6 19:53:36 UTC 2019

Hi Pratik,

Offhand I do not see any issue with the configuration. But I think for 
VM images store, using gfapi may give better performance than compared 
to fuse. CC'in Kritika and Gobinda who have been working on this 
use-case and may be able to guide you.


On 10/5/19 11:25 AM, Pratik Chandrakar wrote:
> Hello Soumya,
> This is Pratik from India. I am writing this mail because I am facing performance issue in my cluster and searched a lot in net for the tuning but not succeeded. It would be great if you can suggest me whether I should stick with glusterfs or move to any other technology. Currently I am using Glusterfs with fuse on CentOS for Storing images of Virtual Machine in CloudStack Setup. Majority of workload is of SQL Server & MariaDB database server, and some Web Servers. The issue is of slow booting and slow UI response of VMs and also lot of time outs in SQL server database even on small databases. I have dedicated 10G network for storage in my setup.
> Request you to please guide me, whether I am have miss-configured the cluster or need to change the storage layer.
> Below is the configuration for your reference...
> *Volume Name: vmstore5152-v2*
> *Type: Replicate*
> *Volume ID: aa27a2cb-c0f5-41b9-a50f-fdce4d4d8358*
> *Status: Started*
> *Snapshot Count: 0*
> *Number of Bricks: 1 x (2 + 1) = 3*
> *Transport-type: tcp*
> *Bricks:*
> *Brick1: storagenode51:/datav2/brick51-v2/brick*
> *Brick2: storagenode52:/datav2/brick52-v2/brick*
> *Brick3: indphyserver2:/arbitator/arbrick5152-v2/brick (arbiter)*
> *Options Reconfigured:*
> *cluster.choose-local: off*
> *user.cifs: off*
> *features.shard: on*
> *cluster.shd-wait-qlength: 10000*
> *cluster.shd-max-threads: 8*
> *cluster.locking-scheme: granular*
> *cluster.data-self-heal-algorithm: full*
> *cluster.server-quorum-type: server*
> *cluster.quorum-type: auto*
> *cluster.eager-lock: enable*
> *network.remote-dio: enable*
> *performance.low-prio-threads: 32*
> *performance.io-cache: off*
> *performance.read-ahead: off*
> *performance.quick-read: off*
> *storage.owner-gid: 107*
> *storage.owner-uid: 107*
> *cluster.lookup-optimize: on*
> *client.event-threads: 4 *
> *transport.address-family: inet*
> *nfs.disable: on*
> *performance.client-io-threads: on*
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