[Gluster-users] [Gluster-devel] Modifying gluster's logging mechanism

Barak Sason Rofman bsasonro at redhat.com
Fri Nov 22 09:43:59 UTC 2019

Thank you for your input Atin and Xie Changlong.

Regarding log ordering - my initial thought was to do it offline using a
dedicated too. Should be straight forward, as the logs have time stamp
composed of seconds and microseconds, so ordering them using this value is
definitely possible.
This is actually one of the main reasons I wanted to bring this up for
discussion - will it be fine with the community to run a dedicated tool to
reorder the logs offline?
Reordering the logs offline will allow us to gain the most performance
improvement, as keeping the logs order online will have some cost (probably
through stronger synchronization).
Moreover, we can take log viewing one step further and maybe create some
GUI system (JAVA based?) to view and handle logs (e.g. one window to show
the combined order logs, other windows to show logs per thread etc').

Regarding the test method - my initial testing was done by removing all
logging from regression. Modifying the method "skip_logging" to return
'true' in all cases seems to remove most of the logs (though not all, "to
be on the safe side", really removing all logging related methods is
probably even better).
As regression tests use mostly single-node tests, some additional testing
was needed. I've written a couple of very basic scripts to create large
number of files / big files, read / write to / from them, move them around
and perform some other basic functionality.
I'd actually be glad to test this in some 'real world' use cases - if you
have specific use cases that you use frequently, we can model them and
benchmark against - this will likely offer an even more accurate benchmark.

On Fri, Nov 22, 2019 at 7:27 AM Xie Changlong <zgrep at 139.com> wrote:

> 在 2019/11/21 21:04, Barak Sason Rofman 写道:
> I see two design / implementation problems with that mechanism:
>    1.
>    The mutex that guards the log file is likely under constant contention.
>    2.
>    The fact that each worker thread perform the IO by himself, thus
>    slowing his "real" work.
> Initial tests, done by *removing logging from the regression testing,
> shows an improvement of about 20% in run time*. This indicates we’re
> taking a pretty heavy performance hit just because of the logging activity.
> Hi Barak Sason Rofman.  Amazing perf improvement! Could show me the detail
> test method ?
> Thanks
>     -Xie
> In addition to these problems, the logging module is due for an upgrade:
>    1.
>    There are dozens of APIs in the logger, much of them are deprecated -
>    this makes it very hard for new developers to keep evolving the project.
>    2.
>    One of the key points for Gluster-X, presented in October at
>    Bangalore, is the switch to a structured logging all across gluster.

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