[Gluster-users] Add existing data to new glusterfs install

Michael Rightmire Michael.Rightmire at KIT.edu
Wed Nov 6 11:22:19 UTC 2019

This is related to my previous post "Sudden,dramatic performance drops 
with Glusterfs"

Is it possible to install glusterfs on an existing server and 
filesystem, and migrate all of that existing data into a glusterfs volume.

The ultimate goal would be to create a single-bricked volume, migrate 
the data into that volume, and then add mirrored volumes after - such 
that the data would then by synchronized to the newly added servers.
- Have a raid6 virtual disk at server1:/dev/sdX filled with data
- Install glusterfs-server on server1.
- Create a volume with one brick (server1:/dev/sdX) called Data1
- Manage to migrate all the data already on /dev/sdX into the gluster 
volume data1 (AKA get the data recognized by the gluster index.)
- And then add server2:/dev/sdY to the data1 volume as a mirror.
- Have all the data on server1:data1 sync over to server2:/data1

We are discussing about 5 volumes, and a total of 60TB of data.



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