[Gluster-users] What is TCP/4007 for ?

nico at furyweb.fr nico at furyweb.fr
Thu Jun 20 17:01:40 UTC 2019

I have several Gluster clients behind firewalls and opened 24007:24008,49152:49241 to gluster servers. 

I recently found that TCP/4007 is blocked from clients to servers but found this port reference nowhere on google search. 

On server side there's no process listening on TCP/4007 so I would like to disable it on client side, maybe a volume setting should be initialized. 

Gluster servers are 5.1 
Volumes are replica 3 with arbiter 
Clients are 3.12.15 (Wheezy) or 4.1.5 (Jessie/Stretch) 

I thank anyone able to give me some information. 
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