[Gluster-users] Pending heal status when deleting files which are marked as to be healed

David Spisla spisla80 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 17 10:15:15 UTC 2019

Hello Gluster Community,

my newest observation concerns the self heal daemon:
Scenario: 2 Node Gluster v5.5 Cluster with Replica 2 Volume. Just one brick
per node. Access via SMB Client from a Win10 machine

How to reproduce:
I have created a small folder with a lot of small files and I copied that
folder recursively into itself for a few times. Additionally I copied three
big folders with a lot of content into the root of the volume.
Note: There was no node down or something else like brick down, etc.. So
the whole volume was accessible.

Because of the recursively copy action all this copied files whre listed as
to be healed (via gluster heal info). Now I set some of the effected files
ReadOnly (they get WORMed because worm-file-level is enabled). After this I
tried to delete the parent folder of that files.

Expected: All files should be healed
Actually: All files, which are Read-Only, are not healed. heal info shows
permanently that this files has to be healed.

glustershd log throws error and brick log (with level DEBUG) permanently
throws a lot of messages which I don't understand. See the attached file
which contains all informations, also heal info and volume info, beside the

Maybe some of you know whats going on there? Since we can reproduce this
scenario, we can give more debug information if needed.

David Spisla
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