[Gluster-users] Duplicated brick processes after restart of glusterd

David Spisla spisla80 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 14 08:36:13 UTC 2019

Dear Gluster Community,

this morning I had an interesting observation. On my 2 Node Gluster v5.5
System with 3 Replica1 volumes (volume1, volume2, test) I had duplicated
brick processes (See output of ps aux in attached file
duplicate_bricks.txt) for each of the volumes. Additionally there is a
fs-ss volume which I use instead of gluster_shared_storage but this volume
was not effected.

After doing some research I found a hint in glusterd.log . It seems to be
that after a restart glusterd couldn't found the pid files for the freshly
created brick processes and create new brick processes. One can see in the
brick logs that for all the volumes that two brick processes were created
just one after another.

Result: Two brick processes for each of the volumes volume1, volume2 and
"gluster vo status" shows that the pid number was mapped to the wrong port
number for hydmedia and impax

But beside of that the volume was working correctly. I resolve that issue
with a workaround. Kill all brick processes and restart glusterd. After
that everything is fine.

Is this a bug in glusterd? You can find all relevant informations attached

David Spisla
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