[Gluster-users] Advice for setup: SW RAID 6 vs JBOD

Michael Metz-Martini mail at michael-metz.de
Thu Jun 6 18:46:11 UTC 2019


Am 06.06.19 um 18:48 schrieb Eduardo Mayoral:
> Your comment actually helps me more than you think, one of the main
> doubts I have is whether I go for JOBD with replica 3 or SW RAID 6 with
> replica2 + arbitrer. Before reading your email I was leaning more
> towards JOBD, as reconstruction of a moderately big RAID 6 with mdadm
> can be painful too. Now I see a reconstruct is going to be painful
> either way...
> For the record, the workload I am going to migrate is currently
> 18,314,445 MB and 34,752,784 inodes (which is not exactly the same as
> files, but let's use that for a rough estimate), for an average file
> size of about 539 KB per file.
> Thanks a lot for your time and insights!
Currently we're hosting ~200 TB split into about 3.500.000.000 files on
a Distributed-Replicate-2-gluster volume with each brick running on a
hw-raid6 of 8 x 8 TB disks. As we never had a failed drive 'till now I
can't tell you something about recovery times but rebalance is damn slow
with such high number of small files (so should recovery on
jbod-bricks). I think raid-recovery from local disks will be much faster.

As our files are nearly 100% readonly and split-brain-issues could be
resolevd more or less "easily" we decided against replica 3 in favor of
hardware raid6 redundancy.

Kind regards
  Michael Metz-Martini

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