[Gluster-users] Advice for setup: SW RAID 6 vs JBOD

Eduardo Mayoral emayoral at arsys.es
Wed Jun 5 09:27:16 UTC 2019


    I am looking into a new gluster deployment to replace an ancient one.

    For this deployment I will be using some repurposed servers I
already have in stock. The disk specs are 12 * 3 TB SATA disks. No HW
RAID controller. They also have some SSD which would be nice to leverage
as cache or similar to improve performance, since it is already there.
Advice on how to leverage the SSDs would be greatly appreciated.

    One of the design choices I have to make is using 3 nodes for a
replica-3 with JBOD, or using 2 nodes with a replica-2 and using SW RAID
6 for the disks, maybe adding a 3rd node with a smaller amount of disk
as metadata node for the replica set. I would love to hear advice on the
pros and cons of each setup from the gluster experts.

    The data will be accessed from 4 to 6 systems with native gluster,
not sure if that makes any difference.

    The amount of data I have to store there is currently 20 TB, with
moderate growth. iops are quite low so high performance is not an issue.
The data will fit in any of the two setups.

    Thanks in advance for your advice!

Eduardo Mayoral Jimeno
Systems engineer, platform department. Arsys Internet.
emayoral at arsys.es - +34 941 620 105 - ext 2153

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