[Gluster-users] Graceful gluster server retire/poweroff

Gionatan Danti g.danti at assyoma.it
Tue Jul 16 09:46:57 UTC 2019

Hi list,
I have a replica 3 test cluster and I have a question about how clients 
behave to an host shutdown.

If I suddenly switch off one of the gluster server, the connected 
clients see a ~42s stall in I/O: this is expected, as it is the default 
client timeout.

However, it is possible to *gracefully* shutdown a running gluster 
server, *without* impacting a running client? Ie: putting the affected 
server in a "maintenance mode" of sort.


Danti Gionatan
Supporto Tecnico
Assyoma S.r.l. - www.assyoma.it
email: g.danti at assyoma.it - info at assyoma.it
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