[Gluster-users] Files losing permissions in GlusterFS 3.12

Gudrun Mareike Amedick g.amedick at uni-luebeck.de
Fri Jan 25 15:10:58 UTC 2019

Hi all,

we have a problem with a distributed dispersed volume (GlusterFS 3.12). We have files that lost their permissions or gained sticky bits. The files
themselves seem to be okay.

It looks like this:

# ls -lah $file1
---------- 1 www-data www-data 45M Jan 12 07:01 $file1

# ls -lah $file2
-rw-rwS--T 1 $user $group 11K Jan  9 11:48 $file2

# ls -lah $file3
---------T 1 $user $group 6.8M Jan 12 08:17 $file3

This is not what the permissions are supposed to look. They were 644 or 660 before. And they definitely had no sticky bits.
The permissions on the bricks match what I see on client side. So I think the original permissions are lost without a chance to recover them, right?

With some files with weird looking permissions (but not with all of them), I can do this:
# ls -lah $path/$file4
-rw-r--r-- 1 $user $group 6.0G Oct 11 09:34 $path/$file4
ls -lah $path | grep $file4
-rw-r-Sr-T  1 $user$group 6.0G Oct 11 09:34 $file4

So, the permissions I see depend on how I'm querying them. The permissions on brick side agree with the ladder result, stat sees the former. I'm not
sure how that works.

We know for at least a part of those files that they were okay at December 19th. We got the first reports of weird-looking permissions at January
12th. Between that, there was a rebalance running (January 7th to January 11th). During that rebalance, a node was offline for a longer period of time
due to hardware issues. The output of "gluster volume heal $VOLUME info" shows no files though.

For all files with broken permissions we found so far, the following lines are in the rebalance log:

[2019-01-07 09:31:11.004802] I [MSGID: 109045] [dht-common.c:2456:dht_lookup_cbk] 0-$VOLUME-dht: linkfile not having link subvol for $file5
[2019-01-07 09:31:11.262273] I [MSGID: 109069] [dht-common.c:1410:dht_lookup_unlink_of_false_linkto_cbk] 0-$VOLUME-dht: lookup_unlink returned with
op_ret -> 0 and op-errno -> 0 for $file5
[2019-01-07 09:31:11.266014] I [dht-rebalance.c:1570:dht_migrate_file] 0-$VOLUME-dht: $file5: attempting to move from $VOLUME-readdir-ahead-0 to
[2019-01-07 09:31:11.278120] I [dht-rebalance.c:1570:dht_migrate_file] 0-$VOLUME-dht: $file5: attempting to move from $VOLUME-readdir-ahead-0 to
[2019-01-07 09:31:11.732175] W [dht-rebalance.c:2159:dht_migrate_file] 0-$VOLUME-dht: $file5: failed to perform removexattr on $VOLUME-readdir-ahead-0 
(No data available)
[2019-01-07 09:31:11.737319] W [MSGID: 109023] [dht-rebalance.c:2179:dht_migrate_file] 0-$VOLUME-dht: $file5: failed to do a stat on $VOLUME-readdir-
ahead-0 [No such file or directory]
[2019-01-07 09:31:11.744382] I [MSGID: 109022] [dht-rebalance.c:2218:dht_migrate_file] 0-$VOLUME-dht: completed migration of $file5 from subvolume
$VOLUME-readdir-ahead-0 to $VOLUME-readdir-ahead-5
[2019-01-07 09:31:11.744676] I [MSGID: 109022] [dht-rebalance.c:2218:dht_migrate_file] 0-$VOLUME-dht: completed migration of $file5 from subvolume
$VOLUME-readdir-ahead-0 to $VOLUME-readdir-ahead-5

I've searched the brick logs for $file5 with broken permissions and found this on all bricks from (I think) the subvolume $VOLUME-readdir-ahead-5:

[2019-01-07 09:32:13.821545] I [MSGID: 113030] [posix.c:2171:posix_unlink] 0-$VOLUME-posix: open-fd-key-status: 0 for $file5
[2019-01-07 09:32:13.821609] I [MSGID: 113031] [posix.c:2084:posix_skip_non_linkto_unlink] 0-posix: linkto_xattr status: 0 for $file5

Also, we noticed that many directories got their modification time updated. It was set to the rebalance date. Is that supposed to happen?

We had parallel-readdir enabled during the rebalance. We disabled it since we had empty directories that couldn't be deleted. I was able to delete
those dirs after that. 

Also, we have directories who lost their GFID on some bricks. Again.

What happened? Can we do something to fix this? And could that happen again?

We want to upgrade to 4.1 soon. Is it safe to do that or could it make things worse?

Kind regards

Gudrun Amedick
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