[Gluster-users] gluster 5.3: transport endpoint gets disconnected - Assertion failed: GF_MEM_TRAILER_MAGIC

Hu Bert revirii at googlemail.com
Thu Jan 24 07:17:06 UTC 2019

Good morning,

we currently transfer some data to a new glusterfs volume; to check
the throughput of the new volume/setup while the transfer is running i
decided to create some files on one of the gluster servers with dd in

while true; do dd if=/dev/urandom of=/shared/private/1G.file bs=1M
count=1024; rm /shared/private/1G.file; done

/shared/private is the mount point of the glusterfs volume. The dd
should run for about an hour. But now it happened twice that during
this loop the transport endpoint gets disconnected:

dd: failed to open '/shared/private/1G.file': Transport endpoint is
not connected
rm: cannot remove '/shared/private/1G.file': Transport endpoint is not connected

In the /var/log/glusterfs/shared-private.log i see:

[2019-01-24 07:03:28.938745] W [MSGID: 108001]
[afr-transaction.c:1062:afr_handle_quorum] 0-persistent-replicate-0:
7212652e-c437-426c-a0a9-a47f5972fffe: Failing WRITE as quorum i
s not met [Transport endpoint is not connected]
[2019-01-24 07:03:28.939280] E [mem-pool.c:331:__gf_free]
[0x7eff84248e8c] -->/usr/lib/x86_64-lin
[0x7eff8a9485a6] ) 0-: Assertion failed:
GF_MEM_TRAILER_MAGIC == *(uint32_t *)((char *)free_ptr + header->size)

The whole output can be found here: https://pastebin.com/qTMmFxx0
gluster volume info here: https://pastebin.com/ENTWZ7j3

After umount + mount the transport endpoint is connected again - until
the next disconnect. A /core file gets generated. Maybe someone wants
to have a look at this file?

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