[Gluster-users] File renaming not geo-replicated

Arnaud Launay asl at launay.org
Tue Jan 22 12:09:58 UTC 2019

Hello Sunny,

Le Mon, Dec 17, 2018 at 04:19:04PM +0530, Sunny Kumar a écrit:
> Can you please share geo-replication log for master and mount log form slave.

Master log, when doing

root at prod01:/srv/www# touch coin2.txt && sleep 30 && mv coin2.txt bouh42.txt
root at prod01:/srv/www# 

==> gsyncd.log <==
[2019-01-22 11:37:51.480606] I [master(worker /var/lib/glusterbricks/gbrick1/www1):1484:crawl] _GMaster: slave's time	stime=(1548151871, 0)
[2019-01-22 11:37:51.524636] I [master(worker /var/lib/glusterbricks/gbrick1/www1):1398:process] _GMaster: Entry Time Taken	MKD=0	MKN=0	LIN=0	SYM=0	REN=0	RMD=0	CRE=1	duration=0.0088	UNL=0
[2019-01-22 11:37:51.524750] I [master(worker /var/lib/glusterbricks/gbrick1/www1):1408:process] _GMaster: Data/Metadata Time Taken	SETA=1	SETX=0	meta_duration=0.0085	data_duration=0.0134	DATA=0	XATT=0
[2019-01-22 11:37:51.524945] I [master(worker /var/lib/glusterbricks/gbrick1/www1):1418:process] _GMaster: Batch Completed	changelog_end=1548157069	entry_stime=(1548157068, 0)	changelog_start=1548157069	stime=(1548157068, 0)	duration=0.0326	num_changelogs=1	mode=live_changelog
[2019-01-22 11:38:21.584166] I [master(worker /var/lib/glusterbricks/gbrick1/www1):1484:crawl] _GMaster: slave's time	stime=(1548157068, 0)
[2019-01-22 11:38:21.655014] I [master(worker /var/lib/glusterbricks/gbrick1/www1):1398:process] _GMaster: Entry Time Taken	MKD=0	MKN=0	LIN=0	SYM=0	REN=0	RMD=0	CRE=2	duration=0.0410	UNL=2
[2019-01-22 11:38:21.655116] I [master(worker /var/lib/glusterbricks/gbrick1/www1):1408:process] _GMaster: Data/Metadata Time Taken	SETA=0	SETX=0	meta_duration=0.0000	data_duration=0.0138	DATA=0	XATT=0
[2019-01-22 11:38:21.655251] I [master(worker /var/lib/glusterbricks/gbrick1/www1):1418:process] _GMaster: Batch Completed	changelog_end=1548157099	entry_stime=(1548157098, 0)	changelog_start=1548157099	stime=(1548157098, 0)	duration=0.0595	num_changelogs=1	mode=live_changelog

On the slave, I don't see any change on the log files when doing
that... Which log are you interested in ?

(BTW, I just re-did the test after upgrading to 4.1.7, no change)

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