[Gluster-users] usage of harddisks: each hdd a brick? raid?

Mike Lykov combr at ya.ru
Thu Jan 10 07:54:54 UTC 2019

10.01.2019 11:26, Serkan Çoban пишет:
> We ara also using 10TB disks, heal takes 7-8 days.
> You can play with "cluster.shd-max-threads" setting. It is default 1 I
> think. I am using it with 4.
> Below you can find more info:
> https://access.redhat.com/solutions/882233

I'm using ovirt, setup script set this values by default:

cluster.shd-max-threads: 8
cluster.shd-wait-qlength: 10000

>> Testing could be quite easy: reset-brick start, then delete&re-create
>> partition/fs/etc., reset-brick commit force - and then watch.
>> We only have 1 big volume over all bricks. Details:
>> Volume Name: shared
>> Type: Distributed-Replicate

A, you have distributed-replicated volume, but I choose only replicated 
(for beginning simplicity :)

>> Brick12: gluster13:/gluster/bricksdd1_new/shared
>> Didn't think about creating more volumes (in order to split data),
>> e.g. 4 volumes with 3*10TB each, or 2 volumes with 6*10TB each.

May be replicated volume are healing faster?

>> Yeah, would be interested in how the glusterfs professionsals deal
>> with faulty disks, especially when these are as big as our ones.

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