[Gluster-users] Expanding brick size in glusterfs 3.7.11

Pat Haley phaley at mit.edu
Fri Apr 26 01:05:45 UTC 2019


Last summer we added a new brick to our gluster volume (running 
glusterfs 3.7.11).  The new brick was a new server with with 12 of 24 
disk bays filled (we couldn't afford to fill them all at the time).  
These 12 disks are managed in a hardware RAID-6.  We have recently been 
able to purchase another 12 disks.  We would like to just add these new 
disks to the existing hardware RAID and thus expand the size of the 
brick.  If we can successfully add them to the hardware RAID like this, 
will gluster have any problems with the expanded brick size?


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