[Gluster-users] Difference between processes: shrinking volume and replacing faulty brick

Greene, Tami McFarlin greenet at ornl.gov
Mon Apr 15 13:09:12 UTC 2019

We need to remove a server node from our configuration (distributed volume).  There is more than enough space on the remaining bricks to  accept the data attached to the failing server;  we didn’t know if one process or the other would be significantly faster.  We know shrinking the volume (remove-brick) rebalances as it moves the data; so moving 506G resuled in the rebalancing of 1.8T and took considerable time.

Reading the documentation, it seems that replacing a brick is simplying introducing an empty brick to accept the displaced data, but it is the exact same process: remove-brick.

Is there anyway to migrate the data without rebalancing at the same time and then rebalancing once all data has been moved?  I know that is not ideal, but it would allow us to remove the problem server much quicker and resume production while rebalancing.


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