[Gluster-users] Gluster with KVM - VM migration

Jorge Crespo jorge.crespo at avature.net
Thu Apr 4 17:17:08 UTC 2019

Hi everyone,

First message in this list, hope I can help out as much as I can.

I was wondering if someone could point out any solution already working 
or this would be a matter of scripting.

We are using Gluster for a kind of strange infrastructure , where we 
have let's say 2 NODES , 2 bricks each , 2 volumes total. And both 
servers are mounting as clients both volumes.

We exclusively use these volumes to run VM's. And the reason of the 
infrastructure is to be able to LiveMigrate VM's from one node to the other.

VM's defined and running in NODE 1, MV files in /gluster_gv1 , this 
GlusterFS is also mounted in NODE2 ,but NODE2 doesn't make any real use 
of it.

VM's defined and running in NODE 2, MV files in /gluster_gv2 , as 
before, this GlusterFS is also mounted in NODE1, but it doesn't make any 
real use of it.

So the question comes now:

- Let's say we come to an scenario where NODE 1 comes down. I have the 
VM's files copied to NODE2, I define them in NODE2 and start them , no 
problem with that.

- Now the NODE 1 comes back UP , I guess the safest solution should be 
to have the VM's without Autostart so things don't go messy. But let's 
imagine I want my system to know which VM's are started in NODE 2, and 
start the ones that haven't been started in NODE 2.

Is there any "official" way to achieve this? Basically achieve something 
like vCenter where the cluster keeps track of where the VM's are running 
at any given time, and also being able to start them in a different node 
if their node goes down.

If there is no "official" answer, I'd like to hear your opinions.


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