[Gluster-users] Enabling quotas on gluster

Hari Gowtham hgowtham at redhat.com
Thu Apr 4 09:41:19 UTC 2019


The performance hit that quota causes depended on a number of factors
1) the number of files,
2) the depth of the directories in the FS
3) the breadth of the directories in the FS
4) the number of bricks.

These are the main contributions to the performance hit.
If the volume is of lesser size then quota should work fine.
Let us know more about your use case to help you better.

Note: gluster quota is not being actively worked on.

On Thu, Apr 4, 2019 at 3:45 AM Lindolfo Meira <meira at cesup.ufrgs.br> wrote:
> Hi folks.
> Does anyone know how significant is the performance penalty for enabling
> directory level quotas on a gluster fs, compared to the case with no
> quotas at all?
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Hari Gowtham.

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