[Gluster-users] Gluster and LVM

kbh-admin kbh-admin at mpa-ifw.tu-darmstadt.de
Wed Apr 3 14:20:32 UTC 2019

Hello Gluster-Community,

we consider to build several gluster-servers and have a question 
regarding  lvm and glusterfs.

Scenario 1: Snapshots

Of course, taking snapshots is a good capability and we want to use lvm 
for that.

Scenaraio 2: Increase gluster volume

We want to increase the gluster volume by adding hdd's and/or by adding

dell powervaults later. We got the recommendation to set up a new 
gluster volume

for the powervaults and don't use lvm in that case (lvresize ....) .

What would you suggest and how do you manage both lvm and glusterfs 

Thanks in advance.


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