[Gluster-users] Who is the package maintainer for GlusterFS 4.1?

Kaleb S. KEITHLEY kkeithle at redhat.com
Mon Oct 29 12:44:38 UTC 2018

On 10/29/18 6:31 AM, mabi wrote:
> Hello,
> I would like to know how I can contact the package maintainer for the GluserFS 4.1.x packages?
> I have noticed that Debian 8 (jessie) is missing here:
> https://download.gluster.org/pub/gluster/glusterfs/4.1/4.1.5/Debian/
> Thank you very much in advance.

Community GlusterFS packages are built by multiple volunteers.

GlusterFS 4.0, 4.1, and 5.0 packages aren't missing; they have never
been built for Debian 8 jessie. One reason is that jessie doesn't have a
new enough golang compiler (even in backports) to build glusterd2.

If you want to build packages without glusterd2 for jessie the packaging
files are at https://github.com/gluster/glusterfs-debian.

The distributions that packages are built for are listed at
History for this page is in github at



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