[Gluster-users] glusterfs 4.1.5 - SSL3_GET_RECORD:wrong version number

Davide Obbi davide.obbi at booking.com
Tue Oct 9 13:27:38 UTC 2018


i have enabled SSL/TLS on a cluster of 3 nodes, the server to server
communication seems working since gluster volume status returns the three
bricks while we are unable to mount from the client and the client can be
also one of the gluster nodes iteself.
  option transport.socket.ssl-cert-depth 3

server.ssl: on
client.ssl: on
auth.allow: glusterserver-1005,glusterserver-1008,glusterserver-1009
ssl.certificate-depth: 3

We noticed the following in glusterd logs, the .18 address is the client
and one of the cluster nodes glusterserver-1005:
[2018-10-09 13:12:10.786384] D [socket.c:354:ssl_setup_connection]
0-tcp.management: peer CN = glusterserver-1005

[2018-10-09 13:12:10.786401] D [socket.c:357:ssl_setup_connection]
0-tcp.management: SSL verification succeeded (client:
[2018-10-09 13:12:10.956960] D [socket.c:354:ssl_setup_connection]
0-tcp.management: peer CN = glusterserver-1009

[2018-10-09 13:12:10.956977] D [socket.c:357:ssl_setup_connection]
0-tcp.management: SSL verification succeeded (client:
[2018-10-09 13:12:11.322218] D [socket.c:354:ssl_setup_connection]
0-tcp.management: peer CN = glusterserver-1008

[2018-10-09 13:12:11.322248] D [socket.c:357:ssl_setup_connection]
0-tcp.management: SSL verification succeeded (client:
[2018-10-09 13:12:11.368753] D [socket.c:354:ssl_setup_connection]
0-tcp.management: peer CN = glusterserver-1005

[2018-10-09 13:12:11.368770] D [socket.c:357:ssl_setup_connection]
0-tcp.management: SSL verification succeeded (client:
[2018-10-09 13:12:13.535081] E [socket.c:364:ssl_setup_connection]
0-tcp.management: SSL connect error (client: (server:
[2018-10-09 13:12:13.535102] E [socket.c:203:ssl_dump_error_stack]
0-tcp.management:   error:1408F10B:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_RECORD:wrong
version number
[2018-10-09 13:12:13.535129] E [socket.c:2677:socket_poller]
0-tcp.management: server setup failed

I believe that something has changed since version 4.1.3 cause using that
version we were able to mount on the client and we did not get that SSL
error. Also the cipher volume option was not set in that version. At this
point i can't understand if node to node is actually using SSL or not and
why the client is unable to mount

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