[Gluster-users] High CPU usage with 3 bricks

Tyler Salwierz tyler at irex.me
Thu Oct 4 16:06:04 UTC 2018


I have a server setup on a powerful processor (i7-8700). I have three
bricks setup on localhost - each their own hard drive. When I'm downloading
content at 100MB/s I see upwards of 180% CPU usage from GlusterFS.

Uploading content at 100MB/s is much more manageable, with around 50%-70%
cpu usage combined from all the glusterfs processes.

My question is, is this normal CPU usage? I thought GlusterFS was designed
to be used in a RAID configuration with having an internal network setup
with upwards of 20Gbps connectivity per node. If 1Gbps write speed is
causing 180% cpu usage on only three hard drives/bricks, how could a raid
setup at 20Gbps possibly be feasible?

This is a default distributed volume. Just the standard 3-4 commands to get
the volume created, started and running. There has been no additional
tuning done.
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