[Gluster-users] posix_handle_hard [file exists]

Jose V. Carrión jocarbur at gmail.com
Mon Oct 1 10:36:54 UTC 2018


I have a gluster 3.12.6-1 installation with 2 configured volumes.

Several times at day , some bricks are reporting the lines below:

[2018-09-30 20:36:27.348015] W [MSGID: 113096]
[posix-handle.c:770:posix_handle_hard] 0-volumedisk0-posix: link
/mnt/glusterfs/vol0/brick1/6349/20180921/20180921.h5 ->
[File exists]
[2018-09-30 20:36:27.383957] E [MSGID: 113020] [posix.c:3162:posix_create]
0-volumedisk0-posix: setting gfid on
/mnt/glusterfs/vol0/brick1/6349/20180921/20180921.h5 failed

I can access to the /mnt/glusterfs/vol0/brick1/6349/20180921/20180921.h5
both files are hard links .

What is the meaning of the error lines?

Thanks in advance.

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