[Gluster-users] Can glusterd be restarted running on all nodes at once while clients are mounted?

Jeevan Patnaik g1patnaik at gmail.com
Sun Nov 25 12:22:26 UTC 2018

Ah..I am able to differentiate the hosts which are commonly rejected.

It's the hosts that aren't serving any bricks. Is it a bad idea to keep a
host that's not serving any bricks in pool? Don't they in sync with the
other hosts? Regarding my previous assumption that all nodes shoudo be
restarted ate once, I guess it's okay.

Now, I just have to understand the issue with the tiering. Logs are not


On Sun, Nov 25, 2018, 4:25 PM Jeevan Patnaik <g1patnaik at gmail.com wrote:

> Hi,
> I have different issues:
> I have restarted glusterd service on my 72 nodes almost parallelly with
> ansible while the gluster NFS clients are in mounted state
> After that many of the gluster peers went to rejected state. In logs, I
> see msg id 106010 stating that checksum doesn't match.
> I'm confused which checksum is that and how is it changed after I restart.
> I restarted because gluster volume status commands gives timeout. I have
> tiering enabled on the volume and was trying to detach. And that too never
> completed. The status shows only in  progress even the tiered volume
> contains only a few 100 8MB filese I created for testing.
> my overall experience with gluster tiering is really bad :(
> Besides, what's the best way to restore old state if something goes wrong?
> Till now, I have been using no volfile at all.. I only use volume status
> commands to configure my cluster. Do I need to use a volfile inorder to
> restore something?
> Gluster version is 3.12.15
> I have checked the op Version on all nodes and they all are same.
>  Regards
> Jeevan।
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