[Gluster-users] VMs paused - unknown storage error - Stale file handle - distribute 2 - replica 3 volume with sharding

Marco Lorenzo Crociani marcoc at prismatelecomtesting.com
Thu Nov 22 12:19:28 UTC 2018

I opened a bug on gluster because I have reading errors on files on a 
gluster volume:

The files are many of the VMs images of the oVirt DATA storage domain. 
oVirt pause the vms because unknown storage errors.
It's impossibile to copy/clone, manage some snapshots of these vms. The 
errors on the low level are "stale file handle".
Volume is distribute 2 replicate 3 with sharding.

Should I open a bug also on oVirt?

Gluster 3.12.15-1.el7


Marco Crociani

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