[Gluster-users] Gluster distributed replicated setup does not serve read from all bricks belonging to the same replica

Anh Vo vtqanh at gmail.com
Thu Nov 22 04:50:32 UTC 2018

Our setup: We have a distributed replicated setup of 3 replica. The total
number of servers varies between clusters, in some cases we have a total of
36 (12 x 3) servers, in some of them we have 12 servers (4 x 3). We're
using gluster 3.12.15

In all instances what I am noticing is that only one member of the replica
is serving read for a particular file, even when all the members of the
replica set is online. We have many large input files (for example: 150GB
zip file) and when there are 50 clients reading from one single server the
performance degrades by several magnitude for reading that file only.
Shouldn't all members of the replica participate in serving the read

Our options

cluster.shd-max-threads: 1
cluster.heal-timeout: 900
network.inode-lru-limit: 50000
performance.md-cache-timeout: 600
performance.cache-invalidation: on
performance.stat-prefetch: on
features.cache-invalidation-timeout: 600
features.cache-invalidation: on
cluster.metadata-self-heal: off
cluster.entry-self-heal: off
cluster.data-self-heal: off
features.inode-quota: off
features.quota: off
transport.listen-backlog: 100
transport.address-family: inet
performance.readdir-ahead: on
nfs.disable: on
performance.strict-o-direct: on
network.remote-dio: off
server.allow-insecure: on
performance.write-behind: off
cluster.nufa: disable
diagnostics.latency-measurement: on
diagnostics.count-fop-hits: on
cluster.ensure-durability: off
cluster.self-heal-window-size: 32
cluster.favorite-child-policy: mtime
performance.io-thread-count: 32
cluster.eager-lock: off
server.outstanding-rpc-limit: 128
cluster.rebal-throttle: aggressive
server.event-threads: 3
client.event-threads: 3
performance.cache-size: 6GB
cluster.readdir-optimize: on
storage.build-pgfid: on
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