[Gluster-users] Self-healing not healing 27k files on GlusterFS 4.1.5 3 nodes replica

Ravishankar N ravishankar at redhat.com
Thu Nov 15 12:41:21 UTC 2018

On 11/15/2018 02:11 PM, mabi wrote:
> Sure, you will find below the getfattr output of all 3 directories from all 3 nodes.

Thanks, noted. One more query. Are there files inside each of these 
directories? Or is it just empty directories?
>> 2. Do you know the file (or directory) names corresponding to the other
>> 2 gfids  in heal info output, i.e
>> gfid:aae4098a-1a71-4155-9cc9-e564b89957cf
>> gfid:3c92459b-8fa1-4669-9a3d-b38b8d41c360
>> Please share the getfattr output of them as well.
> Unfortunately no. I tried the trick of mounting the volume with the mount option "aux-gfid-mount" in order to find the filename corresponding to the GFID and then using the following getfattr command:
> getfattr -n trusted.glusterfs.pathinfo -e text /mnt/g/.gfid/aae4098a-1a71-4155-9cc9-e564b89957cf
> this gave me the following output:
> trusted.glusterfs.pathinfo="(<DISTRIBUTE:myvol-pro-dht> (<REPLICATE:myvol-pro-replicate-0> <POSIX(/srv/glusterfs/myvol-pro/brick):node3:/srv/glusterfs/myvol-pro/brick/.glusterfs/aa/e4/aae4098a-1a71-4155-9cc9-e564b89957cf> <POSIX(/data/myvol-pro/brick):node1:/data/myvol-pro/brick/.glusterfs/aa/e4/aae4098a-1a71-4155-9cc9-e564b89957cf>))"
> then if I check the ".../brick/.glusterfs/aa/e4/aae4098a-1a71-4155-9cc9-e564b89957cf" on node 1 or node 3 it does not have any symlink to a file. Or am I looking at the wrong place maybe or there is another trick in order to find the GFID->filename?
symlinks are only for dirs. For files, they would be hard links to the 
actual files. So if stat 
../brick/.glusterfs/aa/e4/aae4098a-1a71-4155-9cc9-e564b89957cf gives you 
a file, then you can use find -samefile to get the other hardlinks like so:
#cd /brick/.glusterfs/aa/e4/aae4098a-1a71-4155-9cc9-e564b89957cf
#find /brick -samefile aae4098a-1a71-4155-9cc9-e564b89957cf

If it is a hardlink, then you can do a getfattr on 
/brick/.glusterfs/aa/e4/aae4098a-1a71-4155-9cc9-e564b89957cf itself.
> Regards,
> Mabi

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