[Gluster-users] rdma.management: could not create QP [Permission denied]

Mike Lykov combr at ya.ru
Sat Nov 10 18:04:17 UTC 2018

10.11.2018 20:53, Thomas Simmons пишет:
> Hello All,
> I'm having trouble mounting gluster volumes over RDMA. Everything seems 
> to work fine until I try to mount the gluster volume. At this point it 
> seems to crash glusterd and give me an error "could not create QP 
> [Permission Denied].

Please see my post with subject "glusterd SIGSEGV crash when create 
volume with transport=rdma" at 07.11.2018

I'm getting this errors&crashes too.

But I'm resolve it via creating SELinux module with audit2allow... and I 
get worse situation %)

Now, when SELinux allow rule "Infiniband pkeys" and I start a RDMA 
volume, server (peer) silently REBOOT with no traces..

I enable persistent journal storage, but after reboot I get NO records 
about reboots : journalctl --last-boots show EMPTY list, no boots at all.
Usually it show 1 last boot... I think XFS lose some files when accident 
reboot happens.

And more, XFS lose vol files (made it zero-size) and one of my peers 
cannot start ALL bricks (from all volumes, not only RDMA, but also tcp).


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