[Gluster-users] anyone using gluster-block?

Davide Obbi davide.obbi at booking.com
Tue Nov 6 14:15:48 UTC 2018


i am testing gluster-block and i am wondering if someone has used it and
have some feedback regarding its performance.. just to set some
expectations... for example:
- i have deployed a block volume using heketi on a 3 nodes gluster4.1
cluster. it's a replica3 volume.
- i have mounted via iscsi using multipath config suggested, created vg/lv
and put xfs on it
- all done without touching any volume setting or customizing xfs
parameters etc..
- all baremetal running on 10Gb, gluster has a single block device, SSD in
use by heketi

so i tried a dd and i get a 4.7 MB/s?
- on the gluster nodes i have in write ~200iops, ~15MB/s, 75% util steady
and spiky await time up to 100ms alternating between the servers. CPUs are
mostly idle but there is some waiting...
- Glusterd and fsd utilization is below 1%

The thing is that a gluster fuse mount on same platform does not have this
slowness so there must be something wrong with my understanding of
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