[Gluster-users] peer detach fails

Jim Kinney jim.kinney at gmail.com
Wed May 30 17:25:03 UTC 2018

I added a third peer for a arbiter brick host to replica 2 cluster.
Then I realized I can't use it since it has no infiniband like the
other two hosts (infiniband and ethernet for clients). So I removed the
new arbiter bricks from all of the volumes. However, I can't detach the
peer as it keeps saying there are bricks it hosts. Nothing in volume
status or info shows that host to be involved.
gluster peer detach innuendo forcepeer detach: failed: Brick(s) with
the peer innuendo exist in cluster

The Self-heal daemon is still running on innuendo for each brick.
Should I re-add the arbiter brick and wait for the arbiter heal process to complete? How do I take the arbiter brick out and not break things?  It was added using:for fac in <list of volumes>; do gluster volume add-brick ${fac}2 replica 3 arbiter 1 innuendo:/data/glusterfs/${fac}2/brick; done
And then removed using:for fac in <list of volumes>; do gluster volume remove-brick ${fac}2 replica 2 innuendo:/data/glusterfs/${fac}2/brick force; done

Adding a new 3rd full brick host soon to avoid split-brain and trying to get this cleaned up before the new hardware arrives and I start the sync.-- 
James P. Kinney III

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