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> On 01/05/2018 02:27, Thing wrote:
> > Hi,
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> > So is the KVM or Vmware as the host(s)?  I basically have the same setup
> > ie 3 x 1TB "raid1" nodes and VMs, but 1gb networking.  I do notice with
> > vmware using NFS disk was pretty slow (40% of a single disk) but this
> > was over 1gb networking which was clearly saturating.  Hence I am moving
> > to KVM to use glusterfs hoping for better performance and bonding, it
> > will be interesting to see which host type runs faster.
> 1gb will always be the bottleneck in that situation - that's going too
> max out at the speed of a single disk or lower.  You need at minimum to
> bond interfaces and preferably go to 10gb to do that.
> Our NFS actually ends up faster than local disk because the read speed
> of the raid is faster than the read speed of the local disk.
> > Which operating system is gluster on?
> Debian Linux.  Supermicro motherboards, 24 core i7 with 128GB of RAM on
> the VM hosts.
> > Did you do iperf between all nodes?
> Yes, around 9.7Gb/s
> It doesn't appear to be raw read speed but iowait.  Under nfs load with
> multiple VMs I get an iowait of around 0.3%.  Under gluster, never less
> than 10% and glusterfsd is often the top of the CPU usage.  This causes
> a load average of ~12 compared to 3 over NFS, and absolutely kills VMs
> esp. Windows ones - one machine I set booting and it was still booting
> 30 minutes later!

Are you properly aligned?  This sounds like the xattr reads / writes used by gluster may be eating you IOPs, this is exacerbated when storage is misaligned.  I suggest getting on the latest version of oVirt(I have seen this help) and evaluate your storage stack.


pvcreate --dataalign = full stripe(RAID stripe * # of data disks)
vgcreate --extensize = full stripe
lvcreate like normal
mkfs.xfs -f -i size=512 -n size=8192 -d su=<stripe size>,sw=<number of data disks> DEVICE

And mount with:

/dev/rhs_vg/rhs_lv/mountpoint  xfs rw,inode64,noatime,nouuid  1 2

I normally used tuned profile rhgs-random-io and the gluster v set group virtualization.



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