[Gluster-users] Fwd: Gluster performance / Dell Idrac enterprise conflict

Ryan Wilkinson ryanwilk at gmail.com
Sat Jul 14 15:33:05 UTC 2018

I posted this message in Feb but am unfortunately still dealing with this
issue!  Any suggestions would be appreciated!!

I have a 3 host gluster replicated cluster that is providing storage
for our RHEV environment.  We've been having issues with inconsistent
performance from the VMs depending on which Hypervisor they are
running on.  I've confirmed throughput to be ~9Gb/s to each of the
storage hosts from the hypervisors.  I'm getting ~300MB/s disk read
spead when our test vm is on the slow Hypervisors and over 500 on the
faster ones.  The performance doesn't seem to be affected much by the
cpu, memory that are in the hypervisors.  I have tried a couple of
really old boxes and got over 500 MB/s.  The common thread seems to be
that the poorly perfoming hosts all have Dell's Idrac 7 Enterprise.  I
have one Hypervisor that has Idrac 7 express and it performs well.
We've compared system packages and versions til we're blue in the face
and have been struggling with this for a couple months but that seems
to be the only common denominator.  I've tried on one of those Idrac 7
hosts to disable the nic, virtual drive, etc, etc. but no change in
performance.  In addition, I tried 5 new hosts and all are complying
to the Idrac enterprise theory.  Anyone else had this issue?!
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