[Gluster-users] IMP: Release 4.0: CentOS 6 packages will not be made available

Tomalak Geret'kal tom at kera.name
Thu Jan 18 23:25:55 UTC 2018

On 11/01/2018 18:32, Shyam Ranganathan wrote:
> Gluster Users,
> This is to inform you that from the 4.0 release onward, packages for
> CentOS 6 will not be built by the gluster community. This also means
> that the CentOS SIG will not receive updates for 4.0 gluster packages.
> Gluster release 3.12 and its predecessors will receive CentOS 6 updates
> till Release 4.3 of gluster (which is slated around Dec, 2018).
> The decision is due to the following,
> - Glusterd2 which is golang based meets its dependencies on CentOS 7
> only, and is not built on CentOS 6 (yet)
> - Gluster community regression machines and runs are going to be CentOS
> 7 based going forward, and so determinism of quality on CentOS 7 would
> be better than on CentOS 6
> If you have questions, send to Amye Scavarda <amye at redhat.com>
Hi Amye,

How does this mesh with the fact that CentOS 6 is supposed
to receive maintenance updates until November 2020?
Particularly as this project is a Red Hat endeavour. Will we
only get updates on RHEL6 or is that going to be
discontinued around December 2018 as well?


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