[Gluster-users] Deploying geo-replication to local peer

Viktor Nosov vnosov at stonefly.com
Tue Jan 16 22:16:06 UTC 2018


I'm looking for glusterfs feature that can be used to transform data between
volumes of different types provisioned on the same nodes.
It could be, for example, transformation from disperse to distributed
The possible option is to invoke geo-replication between volumes. It seems
is works properly.
But I'm concern about  requirement from Administration Guide for Red Hat
Gluster Storage 3.3 (10.3.3. Prerequisites): 

"Slave node must not be a peer of the any of the nodes of the Master trusted
storage pool."

Is this restriction is set to limit usage of geo-replication to disaster
recovery scenarios only or there is a problem with data synchronization
master and slave volumes?

Anybody has experience with this issue?

Thanks for any information!

Viktor Nosov   

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