[Gluster-users] Integration of GPU with glusterfs

Ashish Pandey aspandey at redhat.com
Thu Jan 11 06:12:43 UTC 2018


We have been thinking of exploiting GPU capabilities to enhance performance of glusterfs. We would like to know others thoughts on this. 
In EC, we have been doing CPU intensive computations to encode and decode data before writing and reading. This requires a lot of CPU cycles and we have 
been observing 100% CPU usage on client side. Data healing will also have the same impact as it also needs to do read-decode-encode-write cycle. 
As most of the modern servers comes with GPU feature, having glusterfs GPU ready might give us performance improvements. 
This is not only specific to EC volume, there are other features which will require a lot of computations and could use this capability; For Example: 
1 - Encryption/Decryption 
2 - Compression and de-duplication 
3 - Hashing 
4 - Any other? [Please add if you have something in mind] 

Before proceeding further we would like to have your inputs on this. 
Do you have any other use case (existing or future) which could perform better on GPU? 
Do you think that it is worth to integrate GPU with glusterfs? The effort to have this performance gain could be achieved by some other better ways. 
Any input on the way we should implement it. 

There is a gihub issue opened for this. Please provide your comment or reply to this mail. 

A - https://github.com/gluster/glusterfs/issues/388 

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