[Gluster-users] Release 3.12.5: Scheduled for the 12th of January

Jiffin Tony Thottan jthottan at redhat.com
Thu Jan 11 06:02:24 UTC 2018


It's time to prepare the 3.12.5 release, which falls on the 10th of
each month, and hence would be 12-01-2018 this time around.

This mail is to call out the following,

1) Are there any pending *blocker* bugs that need to be tracked for
3.12.5? If so mark them against the provided tracker [1] as blockers
for the release, or at the very least post them as a response to this

2) Pending reviews in the 3.12 dashboard will be part of the release,
*iff* they pass regressions and have the review votes, so use the
dashboard [2] to check on the status of your patches to 3.12 and get
these going

3) I have made checks on what went into 3.10 post 3.12 release and if
these fixes are already included in 3.12 branch, then status on this is 
as all fixes ported to 3.10, are ported to 3.12 as well.


[1] Release bug tracker:

[2] 3.12 review dashboard:

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