[Gluster-users] Creating cluster replica on 2 nodes 2 bricks each.

Jose Sanchez josesanc at carc.unm.edu
Tue Jan 9 17:36:53 UTC 2018


We are trying to setup Gluster for our project/scratch storage HPC machine using a replicated mode with 2 nodes, 2 bricks each (14tb each). 

Our goal is to be able to have a replicated system between node 1 and 2 (A bricks) and add an additional 2 bricks (B bricks)  from the 2 nodes. so we can have a total of 28tb replicated mode. 

Node 1 [ (Brick A) (Brick B) ]
Node 2 [ (Brick A) (Brick B) ]
		14Tb + 14Tb = 28Tb

At this  I was able to create the replica nodes between node 1 and 2 (brick A) but I’ve not been able to add to the replica together, Gluster switches to distributed replica   when i add it with only 14Tb.

Any help will be appreciated.



Jose Sanchez
Center of Advanced Research Computing
Albuquerque, NM 87131
carc.unm.edu <http://carc.unm.edu/>

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