[Gluster-users] [Gluster-devel] 2018 - Plans and Expectations on Gluster Community

Kaleb S. KEITHLEY kkeithle at redhat.com
Tue Jan 2 12:09:39 UTC 2018

> On Tue, Jan 2, 2018 at 2:36 PM, Hetz Ben Hamo <hetz at hetz.biz 
> <mailto:hetz at hetz.biz>> wrote:
>     Hi Amar,
>     If can say something about the development of GlusterFS - is that
>     there are 2 missing things:
>     1. Breakage between releases. I'm "stuck" using GlusterFS 3.8
>     because someone [removed] support to enable NFS-Ganesha. from the gluster
>     command has been vanished without anything mentioned in the error
>     message what other commands replaces it. 

Not true. The nfs-ganesha support is still there in GlusterFS-3.10.

> Judging from other people's
>     answers - the answer is storhaug does it from now, but there are
>     practically *0 Documentation* how to use it.

The people who were writing storhaug never finished it. Keep using 3.10 
until storhaug gets finished.



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