[Gluster-users] [External] Re: Self Heal Confusion

Davide Obbi davide.obbi at booking.com
Mon Dec 31 07:58:26 UTC 2018

if the long GFID does not correspond to any file it could mean the file has
been deleted by the client mounting the volume. I think this is caused when
the delete was issued and the number of active bricks were not reaching
quorum majority or a second brick was taken down while another was down or
did not finish the selfheal, the latter more likely.
It would be interesting to see:
- what version of glusterfs you running, it happened to me with 3.12
- volume quorum rules: "gluster volume get vol all | grep quorum"

To clean it up if i remember correctly it should be possible to delete the
gfid entries from the brick mounts on the glusterfs server nodes reporting
the files to heal.

As a side note you might want to consider changing the selfheal timeout to
more agressive schedule in cluster.heal-timeout option
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