[Gluster-users] Finding my bottle neck

csirotic csirotic at gmail.com
Wed Dec 19 03:36:27 UTC 2018

Hi,I am new to using gluster and I am running some tests right now. I am fairly inexperienced as well, so it's a good learning experience for me.
My problem right now is the small file create iops, using smallfile. I cannot get more than 800 files/second 4k.
My setup is fairly simple.I have 4 servers.3 first server have each one brick that is three way replicated.Server 4 simply mount the volume using the fuse native client.
The first three servers, all have the same hardware. Its common supermicro servers with a raid 6 array of 8 x 6tb hgst 7200 drives.If I test smallfile directly on the brick location, I get very high results.
For the networking part of it, the 4 servers are using 10GBytes. Iperf3 give me steady 10GBytes when I test between all the servers.
When I transfer files from the client-server with the fuse mount, large .qcow files, I get around 150 MB/s. Why is not low, but is not great either.
What would you look at first?The options that I am pondering are buying ssd drives to put cache on each servers.Also, it seems to me that having only a 3 way replication, instead of 2+2 setup, is really hurting.Any other tests that could help my process?
Any input is much appreciated.Thank you.

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