[Gluster-users] Samba+Gluster: Performance measurements for small files

David Spisla spisla80 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 14:52:54 UTC 2018

Dear Gluster Community,

it is a known fact that Samba+Gluster has a bad smallfile performance. We
now have some test measurements created by this setup: 2-Node-Cluster on
real hardware with Replica-2 Volume (just one subvolume), Gluster v.4.1.6,
Samba v4.7. Samba writes to Gluster via FUSE. Files created by fio. We used
a Windows System as Client which is in the same network like the servers.

The measurements are as follows. In each test case 400 files were written:

                       64KiB_x_400 files            1MiB_x_400 files
   10MiB_x_400 files
1 Thread          0,77 MiB/s                       8,05
MiB/s                    72,67 MiB/s
4 Threads        0,86 MiB/s                       8,92 MiB/s
      90,38 MiB/s
8 Threads        0,87 MiB/s                       8,92
MiB/s                     94,75 MiB/s

Does anyone have measurements that are in a similar range or are
significantly different?
We do not know which values can still be considered "normal" and which are not.
We also know that there are options to improve performance. But first
of all we are interested
in whether there are reference values.
David Spisla
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