[Gluster-users] JBOD / ZFS / Flash backed

Vincent Royer vincent at epicenergy.ca
Mon Apr 9 21:15:27 UTC 2018


The 3 servers are new Lenovo units with redundant PS backed by two huge UPS
units (on for each bank of power supplies).  I think the chances of losing
two nodes is incredibly slim, and in that case a Disaster Recovery from
offsite backups would be reasonable.

My requirements are about 2TB, highly available (so that I can reboot one
of the 3 servers without taking down services).

Beyond that my focus is high performance for small I/O.

So I could do a single 2TB SSD per server, or two, or many more if that is
"what is required".  But I don't want to waste money...

I like the idea of forgoing the RAID cards as they are quite expensive,
especially the capacitor backed ones.  The onboard controller can handle
JBOD just fine, if Gluster is OK with it!

*Vincent Royer*


On Mon, Apr 9, 2018 at 11:25 AM, Alex Crow <acrow at integrafin.co.uk> wrote:

> On 09/04/18 19:02, Vincent Royer wrote:
> Thanks,
> I suppose what I'm trying to gain is some clarity on what choice is best
> for a given application.  How do I know if it's better for me to use a raid
> card or not, to include flash-cache on it or not, to use ZFS or not, when
> combined with a small number of SSDs in Replica 3.
> How few is "small number" - most importantly number per server? Replica 3
> is a start, as it already tells us you can lose at one entire server and
> carry on as normal. If you lose two, your GlusterFS is down.
> What is your resilience goal? You should really be starting with
> requirements, not speccing out and buying servers and drives and then
> trying to force them to fit your expectations.
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