[Gluster-users] JBOD / ZFS / Flash backed

Alex Crow acrow at integrafin.co.uk
Mon Apr 9 17:49:44 UTC 2018

On 09/04/18 16:49, Vincent Royer wrote:
>     Is a flash-backed Raid required for JBOD, and should it be 1gb, 2,
>     or 4gb flash?
RAID and JBOD are completely different things. JBODs are just that, 
bunches of disks, and they don't have any cache above them in hardware. 
If you're going to use ZFS under Gluster, look at the ZFS docs first. 
Short answer is no. If Gluster passes sync writes down to the lower 
level FS as sync, and you decide to use a ZFS SLOG device, usually an 
SSD, it should have power fail protection capacitors.

Do *not* use a RAID controller for ZFS, use a decent HBA instead, so ZFS 
can access the disks directly. Using a RAID controller is not only 
wasteful it's setting yourself up for a world of pain when a ZFS VDEV 
member device fails. Don't do it.

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