[Gluster-users] Invisible files and directories

Serg Gulko s.gulko at gmail.com
Tue Apr 3 22:43:35 UTC 2018


We are running distributed volume that contains 7 bricks.
Volume is mounted using native fuse client.

After an unexpected system reboot, some files are disappeared from fuse
mount point but still available on the bricks.

The way it disappeared confusing me a lot. I can't see certain directories
using ls -la but, at the same time, can cd into the missed directory.  I
can rename the invisible directory and it becomes accessible. When I
renamed it back to the original name, it becomes invisible.

I also tried to mount the same volume into another location and run ls
hoping that selfheal will fix the problem. Unfortunately, it did not.

Is there a way to bring our storage to normal?

glusterfs 3.8.8 built on Jan 11 2017 16:33:17

Serg Gulko
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