[Gluster-users] Gluster high inode usage on root EC2 volume

Tanner Bruce tanner.bruce at farmersedge.ca
Sat Sep 30 21:03:26 UTC 2017


I have one Gluster server in a cluster of four that serves a single volume. Three out of the four servers have fine inode usages - hovering around 11-12%, but one server is using every inode available causing us to get no space left on disk.

I've listed out the files, there were a ton being used in /var/lib/misc/glusterfsd/farmcommand/... related to CHANGELOGs which I assuemd was related to geo-replication, which we have shut off for some time. The last modified times were near when we shut it down, so I removed them all. However, this and removing linux src headers only brought me down to 95% inode usage. Where could these other inodes be being used?
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