[Gluster-users] Adding bricks to an existing installation.

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Mon Sep 25 18:34:02 UTC 2017

Do you have sharding enabled ? If yes, don't do it.
If no I'll let someone who knows better answer you :)

On Mon, Sep 25, 2017 at 02:27:13PM -0400, Ludwig Gamache wrote:
> All,
> We currently have a Gluster installation which is made of 2 servers. Each
> server has 10 drives on ZFS. And I have a gluster mirror between these 2.
> The current config looks like:
> SERVER A-BRICK 1 replicated to SERVER B-BRICK 1
> I now need to add more space and a third server. Before I do the changes, I
> want to know if this is a supported config. By adding a third server, I
> simply want to distribute the load. I don't want to add extra redundancy.
> In the end, I want to have the following done:
> Add a peer to the cluster
> Add 2 bricks to the cluster (one on server A and one on SERVER C) to the
> existing volume
> Add 2 bricks to the cluster (one on server B and one on SERVER C) to the
> existing volume
> After that, I need to rebalance all the data between the bricks...
> Is this config supported? Is there something I should be careful before I
> do this? SHould I do a rebalancing before I add the 3 set of disks?
> Regards,
> Ludwig

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