[Gluster-users] vfs_fruit and extended attributes

Anoop C S anoopcs at autistici.org
Fri Sep 22 06:11:19 UTC 2017

On Thu, 2017-09-21 at 10:35 -0600, Terry McGuire wrote:
> Hello list.  I’m attempting to improve how Samba shares directories on our Gluster volume to Mac
> users by using the vfs_fruit module.

What versions of GlusterFS and Samba have you installed? And which platform/distro are you using as
Samba server?

Please paste the output of `gluster volume info <VOLNAME>`.

> This module does wonders for speeding listings and downloads of directories with large numbers of
> files in the Finder, but it kills uploads dead.  Finder gives an error:
> The Finder can’t complete the operation because some data in “[filename]” can’t be read or
> written.
> (Error code -36)

Can you please check for any errors in brick logs under /var/log/glusterfs/bricks/ while you face
this Finder error?

> The man page for the module indicates that the vfs_streams_xattr module must also be loaded, like
> this:
> vfs objects = fruit streams_xattr

Can you please share the output of `testparm -s`?

> I’ve done this, and I’ve futzed with various combinations of options, but haven’t got writes
> working.

Is that a simple copy operation? Did you verify whether the file content itself is written
completely? We have experienced similar error while copying large files into GlusterFS volumes where
the real copy operation was completed successfully and the remaining extra extended attribute
setting failed which resulted in a Finder error. Just wanted to check whether it is the same case or

> This issue seems specific to Gluster, as I can share a directory that’s not in the Gluster volume
> and it works fine.  I’m guessing the problem has something to do with extended attributes, but,
> near as I can tell, the Gluster volume ought to do xattrs just fine, as its bricks are XFS.
> Anyone have any experience with this?  Anyone have vfs_fruit working with Gluster?

Apart from this write issue, are you facing any other issues while accessing GlusterFS volumes from
Mac via Samba using vfs_fruit module? We would like to really fix any obvious errors which stops Mac
users working with GlusterFS volumes.

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